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Finding an Social Media Marketing class in Phoenix, Arizona, is not easy! Not just Phoenix, but surrounding cities like Glendale, Mesa, Tempe, Sun City, Scottsdale, etc... Everyone wants to get to the top of Google but there are few classes or courses on search engine optimization offered in the Phoenix, Arizona, area and certainly in your time frame.
As the leader in Social Media Marketing training, we have developed two options for small business owners and marketers looking for training in search engine optimization. First, we offer in-person, small group training in your own offices in Phoenix, Arizona. And, second, for individuals and budget conscious groups we offer live online training: essentially you telecommute into a live class on the topic. Either way, you can learn Social Media Marketing without having to travel from Phoenix!


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Phoenix Social Media Marketing Training Class Fly Jason To Phoenix:

  • Groups of three or more.
  • Required budget of at least $1500 plus travel expenses.
  • Customized training on Social Media Marketing / Social Media / AdWords in your own office.

Social Media Marketing Class in Phoenix, Arizona Take an Online Class:

  • Individuals or very small groups.
  • Classes start at just $295.
  • Classes are LIVE with lively Q&A, and support! It's just like a face-to-face class only via web meeting!

send us an email detailing your needs or call 888-993-1122.
take a FREE intro class, send us an email, or call 888-993-1122.

Simply start with our free webinar on the 'Top Ten Free Social Media tools' for Social Media. Or, call us at 888-993-1122 x 0 to discuss our training classes and courses in Social Media, Google AdWords, and Internet Social Media Marketing!

Social Media Training Class - Internet Marketing, Social Media, Google AdWords: Subjects Covered

  • Social Media - social media marketing - getting your company to the top of Google's free listings.
  • Internet Marketing - all aspects of Internet Marketing, as they related to Social Media, AdWords / PPC, and/or Social Media
  • AdWords / PPC - AdWords is Google's pay-per-click Internet advertising - learn how to use it, wisely.
  • Social Media Marketing - this SMM class will give you the background to succeed in Social Media Marketing

Social Media Training - Learn Social Media Marketing Online

  • Social Media Overview - understand what the marketing means in social media marketing. We explain how to not just attend a party but to throw the party itself!
  • Facebook Marketing - Learn best practices for Facebook marketing, including how to set up a business page, examples of pages that 'work,' tabs, and more!
  • Twitter Marketing - Twitter works, and Twitter is NOT for everyone! Understand how to tweet for fun and profit!
  • LinkedIn Marketing - LinkedIn is the Facebook for 'boring' companies. Learn how to use LinkedIn for B2B selling, building an awesome individual profile and customizing LinkedIn for your needs.
  • YouTube Marketing - did you know that the #2 search engine is not Bing, but YouTube? Learn the secrets of optimizing YouTube videos and leveraging YouTube as your free video platform!
  • Making an SMM Plan - Failing to plan is planning to fail. Learn how to build a 'macro' SMM plan as well as a 'micro' SMM plan.
  • Metrics for Social Media - Utilize
  • Google Analytics and other free tools to measure your website traffic plus determine what your users do, online.

More on ~ Phoenix Social Media Marketing Training Classes ~

Where are the training classes taught, you might ask? Well it couldn't get closer to home in Phoenix, AZ, or throughout the greater Phoenix metro area. Right at your own desk. You don't need to drive, commute into downtown Phoenix to take our Social Media Marketing training class. We love Phoenix as much as you do. Phoenix may be hot in the summer, but Phoenix is fabulous in the winter. Whatever the season, you want to be sure to choose the best SEO company for Phoenix wisely.
But whether it's a sunny day in Phoenix or one of those grueling and gray Phoenix winters (are there winters in Phoenix? You bet there are, the Arizona city close by to other cities in Arizona ... is an ideal place for business - realtors, hypnotherapists, attorneys, many others that can benefit from a Google Social Media Marketing strategy.
But, let's be realistic. Unless you live and/or work in downtown Phoenix, commuting in for a one-day course in Social Media Marketing (Search Engine Optimization) isn't necessarily the best use of your time. That's why we teach the people of Phoenix, or Arizona more generally, Social Media Marketing Training and the art of Social Media Marketing online. Simply start with our free webinar on the 'Top Ten Free Social Media Marketing tools' for Social Media Marketing. From there, you can sign up for a class pass, or learn more by browsing our Social Media Marketing class list below.
So residents of Phoenix, and Arizona generally - unite for practical, online Social Media Marketing Training! Save time, save gas, and save effort. You can take our Social Media Marketing classes / Social Media Marketing Training even in your Pajamas, from the comfort of your own desk. Or take them not only in your office in Phoenix Arizona if you are there, but from anywhere nearby... And you always get the archived video, web links, and many resources and workbooks that will help you master Social Media Marketing quickly, efficiently, and cheaply.
Each Social Media Marketing training class is taught live online, lasts for one hour plus an additional half hour of interactive discussion. All attendees also get a recorded video of each Social Media Marketing training session plus the PowerPoint slides with all Web links. Browse the class list below, or sign up for a class pass for all seven classes at a substantial discount. Our Social Media Marketing Training Classes are fun, interactive, hands-on, and useful!

  • Questions? email us or call +1-888-993-1122.

About Phoenix Arizona and Social Media Marketing Training Classes and Courses in Phoenix

Famous people: Allison Dubois, Alice Cooper, and even Cesar Chavez are some of the famous people from Phoenix, AZ. Supreme court justice Sandra Day O'Connor is also a famous Phoenix person.
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