Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Why You Should Join The North Phoenix Chamber Of Commerce

Everybody has heard of "The Chamber Of Commerce" right? We all know it exists, yet we don't all necessarily know what it is, or what it is for. Yes, it's a business entity that connects other businesses together, but at least for me, that was the extent to which I'd looked into it.....until now......

In looking for great things to post on my blog that will help small business owners in Phoenix, I did a little tooling around checking out Chambers of Commerce in Arizona. While I'm sure every Chamber of Commerce has its benefits, this blog post is about The North Phoenix Chamber of Commerce. (NPCC)

The reasons for joining the Chamber of Commerce are fairly simple: It provides entrepreneurs and small business owners with business related perks and benefits you otherwise don't have. It's like joining a special club for small business owners, and it allows you to network with other business owners, and ultimately grow your business. Learn from like minded people, and get your business name out there among the movers and shakers in the North Phoenix business world.

The NPCC provides training workshops and other educational events for its members. The NPCC also prides itself on it's ability to provide its members with the following:

  • Providing Members with a technical edge – their own website within a website hosted by NPCC 
  • Health Benefits
  • Free Inclusion on our online Directory
  • Discounted Advertising on our website and in our Newsletter 
  • Discounts on other Member Services including – Identity Theft; Advertising; Marketing; Insurance; Storage 
 To learn more, check out their website here:

North Phoenix Chamber of Commerce

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