Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Small Business Startup Help from City of Phoenix

Getting help starting up a small business can seem overwhelming. You have this great idea for a business but where do you start? If you live in Phoenix and want to start up a business, you are in luck. The city of Phoenix has a pretty great website, with a section devoted to business and a multitude of resources and programs to help with your business. 

You can find information about doing business with the city, grants and funding opportunities, business opportunities for small and disadvantaged enterprise businesses, and zoning and permits.  There’s even a guide to help businesses and residents understand the city’s development review process. 

 You will learn things like:
    Phoenix City View
  • get business license and tax information
  • find a site for your business
  • learn about the commercial development review process
  • view city ordinances and codes
  • find growth and expansion assistance programs
  • get options for financing your business
  • find hiring services in Phoenix
  • find certification and business opportunity workshops

To check it out and learn more, click here.

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  1. Have went to courses similar to these ones. Gained a lot of practical experience, think its the most valuable thing you can get if looking to start your own venture (does not matter - small or big one). I am grateful to all the teachers, cause without them, most probably, company DRP would not be the same as it is today!